Top ten Italian songs of all times

Reading the referers of this website, I found that someone reached it querying a search engine for

Top ten Italian songs of all times

It is rather hard to draft such a list… anyhow this one is a good candidate (even though it contains twelve songs because I wasn’t able to discard two of them).

  • 4 Marzo 1943 – Lucio Dalla
  • Albachiara – Vasco Rossi
  • Azzurro – Adriano Celentano
  • Caruso – Lucio Dalla
  • Emozioni – Lucio Battisti
  • Gloria – Umberto Tozzi
  • La canzone del sole – Lucio Battisti
  • Nel blu dipinto di blu – Domenico Modugno
  • Questo piccolo grande amore – Claudio Baglioni
  • Strada facendo – Claudio Baglioni
  • Ti amo – Umberto Tozzi
  • Vita spericolata – Vasco Rossi


  1. Ante Bajto

    Anybody, do you know italian old love song (male voice) about a girl. I can only remember some talk about “mio fucile”, “sparano piu” or something like that. Thanks in advance.

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