After a short dialogue with Will Wilkins on his forum, I’ve turned, as an exercise, the Moo-Point WordPress theme into a child theme of Sandbox.

According to the Urban Dictionary, the definition of moo point is

a cow’s opinion, it doesn’t matter

Naming “Calf” the child version of “Moo” was an obvious consequence. :)

It was not possible to import the slightly changed menu but the CSS is the same. I can say Calf is 95% equal to Moo… after all it’s a child, not a clone. :)

To use it, first install Sandbox then install Calf-Point and activate it as usual.

The current version is 0.4 and you can download Calf-Point here.


  • Version 0.4: this adds a modified version of Iconize (thanks to Maurizio for having tuned the CSS files);
  • Version 0.3: this adds the previously missing custom menu;
  • Version 0.2: first release. :)

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