Customising wp-comments-post.php

It could be due to my ignorance but I find odd that WordPress templates rarely offer a customised way to show the comment’s output when the users forget to fill a field (or they fill it wrongly). Usually, they simply call wp-comments-post.php that shows quite a poor output.

I’ve tried to go over this problem with a patch for Sandbox that is basically a reshuffle of wp-comments-post.php (with a custom wp_die()).

Here you can download this patch.


  1. Недвижимость Чехии

    I agree that wordpress has rather strong comments-background, and there’re also lots of widgets for customizing.

    • Carlo

      I’m sorry but you missed the point. The problem is not about the layout of the comments (or the widgets), the problem is the output when you submit a comment with its fields wrongly filled!

  2. Marco


    How do I apply this patch? I just overwrite the wp-comments-post file? I kind of need to add a custom value to the comment form to fight spam.



  3. Valpo Creative

    Just a thought, I have not tried this out, but what you could try is using the same codes of your index.php theme (not website), example: & so on, the same way your templates do except leave the inside part blank & put your codes there, off the top of my head that can give you customization options you are looking for within wp-comments.. As always, don’t forget to backup in case this does not work.. Hope it helps.

  4. suda

    Thanks Carlo,

    What I managed to do is just close topics that are old. I might get a plug in. Sometimes I get flooded. I wanted to make a question like, what color is a tomato, what color is the sky, etc but I can’t edit the results of wp-comments once the form has been submitted.

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