English scratches and Italian notes written by Carlo Perassi

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Huawei E176 and Ubuntu

I recently bought a Huawei E176 from Germany (through eBay) because it has two interesting features that ordinary USB HSDPA modems don’t have:

  • the support for an external clip antenna;
  • a Micro SD Card slot.

It’s branded T-Mobile but it works with my operator and I suppose it works with yours as well. :)

It immediately worked with the graphical tool Ubuntu provides for wired/wireless/dialup networks: unfortunately, when I installed the driver shipped with it, it stopped working properly. Of course I was still able to talk with it using pppd (the modem is reachable at /dev/ttyUSB0) as I previously described.

I hope to have enough free time to try the Vodafone Mobile Connect Card driver for Linux and its howto.