Post Updated NG

Post Updated NG (NG stands for “Next Generation”) is a WordPress plugin that displays the last modified date and time for a post (that is, if later than the original post date). Useful for providing a “last updated” flag to your posts. It is based on the plugins of Ronald Huereca and Kaf Oseo.

To install and use it, download the zip file, extract post-updated-ng.php, upload this to your wp-content/plugins/ directory, activate the plugin in WordPress then (optionally) set its options in the ‘Options’ menu in WordPress.

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  10. Fr. Daniel

    Is there a way to change where the plugin data appears on the post? For example, right now, it appears at the bottom of the post text by default; I would like for it to appear near the top of the post below the post title. Thanks for a great plugin!

  11. Carlo

    I’m not sure but you can try changing line 95 from
    $content .= $this->_post_updated($format, $hours, $before, $after, $gmt);
    $content = $this->_post_updated($format, $hours, $before, $after, $gmt) . $content;

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